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Food Vending Machines


If you are a company that wants to reward your employees with free beverages and snacks we have a solution for you. We have programs that are 100% free to the employees or programs that are partially free.

If you are currently running to Wal-Mart to buy snacks and sodas for your employees to save a couple of bucks we have the solution for you. We can save you time and frustration and the potential of a costly workers
compensation claim.

Problems of running to Wal-Mart:

  • Limited selections
  • Having to buy variety packs
  • Dedicating an employee to keep everything stocked
  • Having to count and account for all the cash
  • Employees hurting themselves lifting heavy cases

We are experts in providing these types of programs and you would be surprised how affordable they are especially when you take into account the simplicity of letting us do it.


We will provide free equipment to merchandise the products. We will come in on a regular basis to keep all the equipment stocked, cleaned and in proper working order. We will provide a detailed report of all the products used and bill you monthly.

  • Free equipment
  • Healthy selections
  • Stock the more popular products
  • No inventory of products left on premises
  • No more employees spending time stocking products