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Food Vending Machines

Image of some of the food we offer at Harvest Fields VendingA frozen or fresh food machine is a great compliment to a beverage and snack vending program. These machines can be equipped with a variety of fresh and frozen foods that includes burritos, sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, ice-creams and a host of other products that can satisfy employee needs for food on the go.

In order for a food machine to be successful we need to find out what selections your employees would enjoy.

As well as food items the food machines allow us greater freedom in drink selections. We will include a variety of beverage items as well like sparkling waters, juices and milk for complimentary products like cereal. When placing food equipment we usually like to work a arrangement that includes microwave ovens so the food can be heated after purchasing it from the vending machines.

A sampling of our products include:

Breakfast Items
Sandwiches Milk Fresh Salads Bagels
Pizzas Juices Soups Croissants
Burritos Smoothies Fruit Bowls Breakfast Sandwiches
Burgers Water Yogurts Breakfast Pizzas